Manitoba Community Services Council Grant

In March 2017, the Manitoba Community Services Council approved a $9,000 grant to Old Grace Housing Co-operative. The Council provides grants to non-profit community organizations throughout Manitoba.

The grant will be used to purchase appliances for OGHC’s common area.

OGHC wishes to thank the Council for this support. The grant will assist the Co-op in the purchase of the following appliances for the common area kitchen.

  • A commercial-grade refrigerator
  • A commercial-grade upright freezer
  • A wall oven
  • A cooktop
  • A commercial-grade dishwasher
  • A microwave oven

OGHC also wishes to thank the members who prepared and submitted the grant application to the Council.

Fundraising update

The hard work of various OGHC members has paid off in recent weeks. We have recently received confirmation of funding from both the Government of Canada and the City of Winnipeg.

Wheelchair lift

In January, the federal Employment and Social Development Department (ESD) informed OGHC that our application to the Enabling Accessibility Fund had been approved.  OGHC will receive $24,980 to help pay for the installation of a vertical hydraulic wheelchair lift. The total cost of the lift and installation will be about is $42,000. The lift will be located at the south end of the Arlington wing at the entrance from the parking lot. It will enable people in wheelchairs to travel indoors from the parking lot to the main elevator. Thank you to ESD minister Jean-Yves Duclos and the OGHC members who devoted considerable time to the preparation of the application for this grant.

Perimeter landscaping
A view of some of a portion of the planned landscaping of Evanson St. face of Old Grace Housing Co-operative.

On January 20, 2017, the City Centre Community Committee of the City of Winnipeg approved a $15,000 Community Incentive Grant, funded from the Daniel McIntyre allocation, to be used for OGHC perimeter landscaping. OGHC’s planting will include 24 trees, 80 shrubs, and 23 varieties of grasses and vines. The total cost for the perimeter landscaping will be approximately $137,000, including paving and the plant of 24 trees, 80 shrubs, and over 300 perennials, grasses, and vines.

Thank you to City Councillor Cindy Gilroy, and to all the OGHC members who wrote letters of support of our application and who attended the committee meeting.

Boulevard trees and grass

Later this year three new canopy trees—two on Evanson and one on Preston—will be planted on the public boulevards. as been taking care of the trees. OGHC will also be removing two existing concrete driveway entrances on the Evanson side of the lot. These areas will be planted with grass and returned to the boulevard. (To see photos of the areas that will be returned to the boulevard, click here).

In addition, OGHC will be planting 24 trees and 80 shrubs on three exterior sides of the building. For more OGHC’s planting program, click here.

 November 3, 2016 Construction update

From the week ending November 4, 2016.
Parkade stairwell.

In the last two weeks, the following work on the construction site was ongoing or completed:

  • Forming and concrete pouring for retaining walls and basement interior walls

Scheduled for work for the next two weeks includes:

  • forming and concrete pouring in parking area stairwell
  • installing of weeping tiles
  • installing damproofinf
  • backfilling basement area.